3 Things All Pit Bull Owners Should Know

The history of the Pit Bull breed has certainly been a roller coaster. Once touted as a great family dog and “babysitter,” appearing as a mascot for the US Army and in the show The Little Rascals, they fell into ill repute.

Today, there is a strongly divided line, even in the dog world, about this wonderful breed. While many breeds have their own issues to consider when adding one to your family – like being prone to disease or breathing issues – adding a Pittie to your home has some entirely different problems that may arise. The following are three things all Pit Bull owners should know.

#1 – Your Kid’s Friends’ Parents Might Have A Problem

This is the only breed where I have actually heard stories of children’s friends not being allowed to come over when their parents learn there is a Pittie in the home. It’s a terrible situation for both kids. It’s a good idea to be prepared to answer questions. Getting your Pittie a Canine Good Citizen certification can help assuage parents’ distaste for the breed.

#2 – Moving Can Be Difficult

Thanks to breed bans, owning a Pit Bull means only living where they are welcome. Even if your city allows them, landlords may not. If you don’t own your home in a Pit Bull-friendly city and county, this can be a challenge that owners need to be aware of, especially if you are planning on moving in the near future.

#3 – Be Prepared To Defend Your Choice

Most of us do not have to answer “why” when you tell your family and friends you added a dog to your household. Unfortunately, Pittie owners do, all the time. Be prepared to answer this question (and other not-so-nice comments) that you will encounter. The good news is, for every bad thing someone may say to you, your Pittie will make up for it with unconditional love and lots of snuggles (they love snuggles).

Credit: iheartdogs.com

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