San Diego D.A. releases bodycam footage showing chain-wielding man yelling ‘Trump is the de vil’ before he is fatally sh.ot

Police in San Diego released fo.otage showing the moment a police officer fatally sho.ots a ch.ain-wielding man walking towards him while shouting ‘Trump is the De.vil’.

Suspect Vaughn Denham, 48, reportedly at.tacked another person with a machete during an argument over a dog ch.ain. 

Officer Corey Pitts had responded to the incident on August 8, 2017. When he tried to intervene, Denham ran up to his patrol car and swung a four-foot metal at the vehicle. 

San Diego’s District Attorney’s Office Wednesday also said the officer acted in self-defense and claimed he is not cri.minally liable for the sho.oting.

The office released two minutes of body camera footage from the incident, in addition to finding him not liable for any wrongdoing. 

The office claimed that Pitts ordered Denham to drop the chain and he refused while continuing to walk toward the officer, swinging the chain. 

He used a Taser but that failed to stop Denham cha.rging him. This forced Pitts to retreat for a block and a half while he continued to order Denham to drop the chain and get on the ground. Foo.tage shows Pitts warning Denham he would shoot if he continued to refuse to put the chain down. The New York Post reported that he could be heard muttering: ‘Trump is the’ 

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Click The Link For Video –> “Trump is the

The release said they want their questions answered and the names of the officers involved released to the public.

Denham’s niece, Voneva Denham, told NBC: ‘We’re here today to pay respect to my uncle who was and to request that we are able to see the fo.otage of the police officer who sho.t him and also any footage they have of things leading up to his de.ath.’

Denham’s sister who lives in Texas claimed that the altercation between Denham and another man started because the other man was talking about child mole.station. She also said that Denham was on dr.ugs at the time of his de.ath.

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